We will disclose not only what the law requires, or enough to make us look good and have an appearance of transparency. When we say “radical transparency”, we mean full disclosure, without holding back any information.

There are only two types of information that we will not disclose:

– Information that cannot be disclosed by law;

– The name of the investor or donor, if so desired by that person.

Today we cannot conceive of any other type of information that we would not be able to disclose. If one does appear in the future, we will update the list above. After all, Bemtevi is proposing to use third-party resources to invest in social businesses, and that is exactly why we believe our investors will approve of this transparency – as well as other players who will be able to follow, from the outset, our governance, decisions, hits, misses, progresses, changes of course, etc.

One of Bemtevi’s most important roles will be to make mistakes, to learn, adjust and grow, with an open heart, together with all those who are part of the Impact Business ecosystem. We are not ashamed of our mistakes – quite the opposite: we are sure that these mistakes are part of the path that will lead to the social and environmental impacts that we want to make. We don’t want to live in our own bubble and keep what we’ve learned to ourselves. If our goal is to cause social impact, we know we cannot do it alone. We want to co-create and learn together with all the different players engaged in this endeavor, and our learnings will be spread to others and attain exponential power.



To better understand what we mean by “radical transparency”, check the information below. Feel free to contact us and comment if you believe something was left out, to suggest improvements or question any information that is not clear or makes you suspicious.


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