Here we will disclose information about social businesses that have contacted Bemtevi.

The process of building ties and maturation that we outlined for the social businesses involves four phases:

Phase 1 – Adoption of the objectives of Bemtevi: contract + adoption of business model + intended impacts

Phase 2 – Mapping of Journey and Commitment: survey of data and analyses + diagnosis + outline of journey and commitment

Phase 3 – Maturation: – activation of Partner Network + criteria for maturation for investment

Phase 4 – Presentation to the board, investment and follow-up

For further details about this process consult our: Manual of Interface with Social Business Manual-de-Interface-Negócio-Sociais.docx

Manual-de-Interface-Negócio-Sociais.docx (386 downloads)

Here we will disclose which businesses will receive investment, how much they will receive, the term of the loan and the most important item: the social environmental impact targets contracted and how they will be measured.

Currently the most mature social business is PanoSocial. The document, in full, as presented at the 2nd Meeting of the Board, where this investment was discussed, can be found below. In this document there is a description of the project, the possibility for change, the intended impacts and how they will be contracted/measured. The data presented here are still intermediate; the final data will be published here after the end of the process of contracting targets, expected in August 2016.

Pano PanoSocial document for board meeting


We will soon disclose this information in a more accessible and easy to view manner. We are working on it. Come back soon!

These are the social businesses (in alphabetical order) with whom we are speaking.

The number in brackets beside each logo indicates the stage of each business in our process of maturation (see list at the end of the page for the phase of each company)..

logo Asid [2.2]

logo Biodinamica [2.1]

logo Asta  [1.1.2]

log Braspa Braspa [2.1]


logo Lua Nova [2.2]

logo Imaflora [1.1.1]

logo Oka  [2.2]

Pano [3.2]

logo SoSol [2.2]



1 – First Phase: Adoption of the objectives of Bemtevi

  1.1 – First contact online

    1.1.1 – Adoption of the Business Model

    1.1.2 – Impacts intended by the Business

  1.2 – First face-to-face contact

    1.2.1 – Adoption of the objectives of Bemtevi by the Entrepreneur

2 – Second Phase: Mapping of the Journey and Commitment

  2.1 – Survey of available data and analyses

  2.2 – Diagnosis

  2.3 – Presentation of Journey and Commitment

3 – Third Phase: Maturation

  3.1 – Activation and management of Network of Partners

  3.2 – Criteria for Maturation for Investment

4 – Phase 4 – Presentation to the board and follow-up