Bemtevi’s Supporting Partners

They help us with the legal drafting of our contracts. They work especially hard on the elaboration of robust and transparent contracts for Bemtevi investors.

Bianca Simões helps feeding our partners and friends with the products made in her wonderful kitchen full of natural ingredients.

Design de Causas helps us spread our beliefs by designing communications strategy with us.

Muvk helps us tell our stories by creating amazing films.

Base welcomed us. There we built our office and made incredible friends.

Pulsara takes us in! Here is where we made room for the Bemtevis’ nest!

Twist added a twist to our image, designed our website, our film, our invitations, banners, etc.

PWC audits Bemtevi’s numbers, as well as those of the Social Businesses we invest in.

Angélica Gonçalves Garcia

Angélica Gonçalves Garcia supports us with communications and with the creation of social experiences!

Vox Intérpretes helps us by translating our material!

Juan creates dashboards that allow for real time monitoring of the results of social business!

Angatu helps us with outstanding connections! They are major advocates for the Bemtevi cause!

Supporting partners of our Social Business

CEATS is the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Administration at the Third Sector, from the School of Business and Economy at the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP). Their team holds extensive knowledge to help us elaborate Change Theories supported by evidences, which are a great source of inspiration to our social businesses.

They help to propel Bemtevi and our social businesses.

Social Design helps our Social Businesses to improve their communication about their impact.