Eduardo F. Pedote

Eduardo F. Pedote



Fernando A. Simões Filho

Fernando A. Simões Filho



Ricardo R. Mastroti

Ricardo R. Mastroti



Advisory Board

Celia Cruz

Before joining the Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (Institute of Entrepreneurial Citizenship – ICE), Célia was a Director at Ashoka Canada from 2009 to 2011, Managing Director of the Ashoka Global Fellowship program for one year and a half and Director of Ashoka in Brazil and Paraguay for five years. She worked for Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (Institute for the Development of Social Investment – IDIS). There, she spent two years as coordinator of the Doar Program for community development, with a view to implementing community foundations in Brazilian cities. In 1994, Célia founded Philantropics, a consulting firm specializing in fundraising, and worked as Director of Institutional Development at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (EAESP/FGV) School of Business Administration from 1994 to 2000. Célia represented Indiana University’s Fundraising School at the Center for Philanthropy from 2000 to 2003 and taught courses on fundraising and social entrepreneurism from 1995 to 2007 in schools such as EAESP/FGV, FEA/USP, SENAC, FOS and in different programs in Brazil. She earned a master’s degree in Economics from EAESP/FGV with exchange programs at ESSEC, in France, and York University, in Canada. Célia has served on different boards for civil society organizations, including Roots of Empathy (Canada), Associação Rodrigo Mendes, Associação Brasileira de Captadores de Recursos (ABCR), Centro de Voluntariado de São Paulo, IMAFLORA, AIESEC Brasil, Social Engagement Committee of Instituto Akatu and SIFE/George Brown College (Canada). She is the co-author of the book Captação de Diferentes Recursos para Organizações Sem Fins Lucrativos [Fundraising from Different Resources for Non-profit Organizations], 2000, supported and funded by ICE.

Edgard Gouveia Jr.

Architect and urbanist with an advanced degree in cooperative games.

In 2008, Edgard Gouveia co-founded Instituto Elos and later the program Guerreiros Sem Armas [Warriors without Weapons]. Both initiatives were designed to engage young people in innovative service projects that empower communities through self-development training.

He is an Ashoka Fellow and his work was mentioned in the book Walk Out, Walk On, by Debora Frieze. Edgard has participated in TEDx Talks and given lectures at venues around the world, including Harvard University and MIT, in the United States.

He launched and continues to develop Play The Call, a worldwide game in the form of missions where young people and adults perform environmental, community and social-emotional activities on a local, regional and global scale, in an effort to transform reality. The aim is to promote a model of community organization and empowerment based on the premises of the Game – FAST, FREE and FUN – in other words, at no cost by employing the concept of abundance, speed and enjoyment.

Mario Sergio Cortella

Born in Londrina, Paraná on March 5, 1954. He is a philosopher and writer, with a master’s and PhD in education, a full professor at PUC-SP (a post he held for 35 years, from 1977 to 2012), involved in teaching and research Education: Curriculum (1997-2012) and Theology and Religious Sciences (1977-2007); guest professor at Fundação Dom Cabral (since 1997), he has taught in the continuing education program (PEC) at FGV-SP (1998-2010). He served as Secretary of Education for the City of São Paulo (1991-1992).

Among other works, he is the author of A Escola e o Conhecimento [School and Knowledge] (Cortez), Nos Labirintos da Moral [Labyrinths of Morality], with Yves de La Taille (Papirus), Não Espere Pelo Epitáfio: Provocações Filosóficas [Don’t Wait for the Epitaph: Philosophical Provocations] (Vozes), Não Nascemos Prontos! [We weren’t born ready] (Vozes), Sobre a Esperança: Diálogo [About Hope: Dialog], with Frei Betto (Papirus), O que é a Pergunta? [What’s the question?], with Silmara Casadei (Cortez), Liderança em Foco [Leadership in Focus], with Eugênio Mussak (Papirus), Filosofia e Ensino Médio: certas razões, alguns senões, uma proposta [Philosophy and middle school: some reasons, some exceptions, a proposal] (Vozes), Viver em Paz para Morrer em Paz: Paixão, Sentido e Felicidade [Live in Peace to Die in Peace: Passion, Sense and Happiness] (Versar/Saraiva), Política: Para Não Ser Idiota [Politics: An Idiot’s Guide], with Renato Janine Ribeiro (Papirus), Vida e Carreira: um equilíbrio possível? [Life and Career: is balance possible?], with Pedro Mandelli (Papirus), Educação e Esperança: sete reflexões breves para recusar o biocídio [Education and Hope: seven brief reflections to reject biocide](PoliSaber), Escola e Preconceito: Docência, Discência e Decência [School and Prejudice: Teaching, Learning, Decency], with Janete Leão Ferraz (Ática), Não Se Desespere! [Don’t Despair!] (Vozes), Vivemos Mais! Vivemos Bem? [We’re living more! Are we living better?], with Terezinha Rios (Papirus), Pensar Bem Nos Faz Bem!/Filosofia, Religião, Ciência, Educação [Pondering is good for us!/Philosophy, Religion, Science, Education] (Vozes), Pensar Bem Nos Faz Bem!/Família, Carreira, Convivência, Ética [Pondering is good for us!/Family, Career, Social Life, Ethics] (Vozes) Ética e Vergonha na Cara! [Ethics and Shame], with Clóvis de Barros Filho (Papirus), Educação, Escola e Docência: novos tempos, novas atitudes [Education, School and Teaching: new times, new attitudes] (Cortez) and Qual é a tua Obra? Inquietações Propositivas sobre Gestão, Liderança e Ética [What is your life’s work? Restless approaches to Management, Leadership and Ethics] (Vozes).

Paulo Sérgio Kakinoff

Appointed chief executive of GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes in July of 2012, having been an independent board member from January 2010 to July 2, 2012, when he left the position on the board to become president of the company. Mr. Paulo Kakinoff was president of Audi Brasil until June 2012 and worked in the automotive industry for 18 years, having previously served as Director of Sales & Marketing for Volkswagen do Brasil and Executive Director for South America at the Volkswagen Group headquarters in Germany.

He is a member of the Policy Committee for Human Resource Management and Corporate Governance, Risk Committee, as well as the company’s Financial Policy Committee. He earned his degree in Business Administration from Universidade Mackenzie, served as Vice President of ABEIVA – Brazilian Association of Automobile Importers and as a member of the board of Volkswagen Participações until June 2012.

Ricardo Young da Silva

Businessman, with a degree in public administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo, a graduate degree in General Administration from PDG/EXEC and in Systemic Leadership from MIT. Senatorial candidate for the state of São Paulo, with the Green Party, he received 4 million votes. Member of the Advisory Board for Instituto Ethos and UniEthos, Instituto Akatu pelo Consumo Consciente and Amata. Ricardo served on the Board of Todos pela Educação, Planeta Sustentável for Editora Abril, the Sustainability Council for Grupo Santander, Kimberly-Clark, Fibria, GRI – Global Reporting Initiative and Accountability. He hosts the program Sustainability on Terra TV and occasionally contributes to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. He is an internationally recognized specialist in the areas of Social Responsibility, Management and Sustainable Development. He was elected to the São Paulo City Council in 2012.

Wellington Nogueira

Wellington Nogueira is, above all else, restless and passionate about research, having fun and learning.

He studied musical theater acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and clowning with John Towsen and other important clowns. In the cinema, he appeared in Signs of Life (by John Coles), Sábado (by Ugo Giorgete), Avassaladoras, Alô?! and Doctors of Joy (by Mara Mourão), for which he was awarded the SESI-FIESP prize for best actor. He also performed in the musical shows “Jesus Cristo Superstar”, by Jorge Takla, “A Família Addams”, by Jerry Zaks, and “Ópera das Pedras”, directed by Denise Milan and Lee Breuer.

A recognized social entrepreneur, educator and recipient of an Ashoka Fellowship. Recognized with a Fellow4Good fellowship from the Institute for the Future (San Francisco, California), worked in 2014 and 2015 with other brilliant and restless minds to make immediate recommendations for a brighter future.

Founder of the NGO Doutores da Alegria [Doctors of Joy], a pioneering organization in Brazil that brings joy to children hospitalized through the art of professional clowning. The organization invested in research to discover the impact of joy on the adversity of hospitalization and, based on these findings, organized it for dissemination.

Joy and work

“The workplace is where the adult is confined.” Dr. Ferrara, Nonsense Humorologist Emeritus.
Since 1996 he has been giving lectures and workshops for doctors and executives, sharing this experience of joy that motivates human beings to transform their relationship with life, from disease into power. Ultimately, work needs to be a source of joy, since this is where we get the chance to exercise our purpose in life.


Professor of graduate studies in play education at the Instituto Superior de Educação Vera Cruz
A few institutions where he has worked: Amana-Key, Instituto de Marketing Industrial and Design Echos – Escola de Design Thinking, companies and institutions for which he has conducted workshops and/or given lectures: Institute for The Future (San Francisco, USA); NetShoes; Lilly Laboratórios; BASF; TEDx; Endeavor; Fundação Dom Cabral, Mondial Assistance.


O Livro dos Segundo Socorros [Book on Second-Aid], with Marcelo Duarte and O Lado Invisível da Vida [The invisible side of life]


At present, Wellington is coordinating activities at the NGO Doutores da Alegria, writing—with Ângelo Brandini—and performing on Rádio Para-Choque in a traffic educational program in partnership with Rádio Eldorado and has the pleasure of performing with OSUSP in Educational Concerts.

Assessment Committee

Paola Marinoni

Paola has a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. She worked for 10 years in multinational companies in Brazil, Italy and the United States (Rhodia, Pirelli and American Express) in the areas of Strategic Planning and Marketing and five years as a business owner. She moved to the third sector in 1999, working as a fundraiser for Special Olympics International and Instituto Akatu and as a consultant for institutes, foundations and companies in social responsibility at IDIS. She was executive director of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Citizenship (ICE) from 2008 to 2012.

She is a certified Integral Master Coach™ by Integral Coaching Canada.

Beto Scretas

Beto earned a degree in economics from FEA-USP in 1986. He worked for 25 years in the financial market, focusing on capital markets. He worked from 1994 to 2012 at Schroder Investment Management Brasil—a branch of the English asset management firm Schroders PLC—having been its chief executive for 10 years. Since June 2012 he has been working at the Institute of Entrepreneurial Citizenship (ICE), participating in projects associated with the area of social finance and impact businesses. He serves on the Executive Board of the Brazil Social Finance Task Force, launched in May of 2014.

Eduardo F. Pedote

Economist (School of Business and Economy – University of São Paulo), Master in Business Economy (Getúlio Vargas Foundation – São Paulo) and MBA Autumn Term at Manchester Business School –UK. Eduardo has worked for 25 years with Strategic Planning, Business/Finance Management and Controllership. He has vast experience in several industries such as textile, waste water treatment, marketing and global design. Eduardo has held positions at Grupo Vicunha, OTV Brasil, Compagnie Générale des Eaux, Criacittá and Saguez & Rocha. He is currently also supporting Ashoka.

Fernando A. Simões Filho

Fernando has a degree in Law (UMC), a certificate in Holistic Sciences and Transition Economy (Schumacher College) and an international certificate in Social Business (ESPM and Yunus Social Business). He worked for 10 years at JSL S.A., where he took part in the group’s strategic planning and occupied positions in different areas of the organization – operational and corporate. Fernando is currently a member of JSL’s Management Board and a student at the Executive MBA of Dom Cabral Foundation.

Ricardo R Mastroti

Biologist (University of São Paulo), Master in Oceanography (University of São Paulo) and Biomimetics (Arizona State University). Ricardo also holds a Biomimicry Professional Certificate (Biomimicry 3.8). He spent 15 years as manager/supervisor of sustainability, environment and external relations at organizations such as P&G, Aracruz Celulose, InterCement and Grupo Camargo Corrêa. He represented Yunus Social Business in the areas of Education and Institutional Relations.