We believe that poverty is a human construct; therefore, humans can find solutions for it. Social inequality limits opportunities for low-income people to develop, be independent, recognize their own abilities – and ultimately gain the competence and encouragement to discover and fulfill their dreams.

Bemtevi was founded with a clear mission: fostering and supporting social businesses. At the very core of our model lies the belief that it is possible to remove the artificial limits imposed on the less privileged and unleash the potential that exists in everyone – giving all individuals a better chance to reach their goals, regardless of their means or social class.

We use an inclusive selection/evaluation process for projects and entrepreneurs. Unlike other processes, ours is inclusive because we believe that all ideas and entrepreneurs have potential and deserve to be developed – each in their own time, with greater or lesser need for adjustment, but all worthy of our trust. We want to support and collaborate with any entrepreneur who wants to develop or is currently developing a social business.

Furthermore, we want to bring our investment partners closer to the projects we support. We believe that investors can do much more than just give money to social causes: they can benefit from experiencing the transformative power of their resources, when invested in in social businesses. They can follow the work of social entrepreneurs up close and see the resulting transformations. We are certain that this proximity benefits everyone and that the impacts go far beyond money!

We want financially successful people to envisage a new alternative for investing their money, in which the focus is to generate positive social environmental impacts. For us, resources allocated for this purpose deserve the same care and effort given to for-profit investments. Both are worthy of the same attention and diligence.